New vacancy is available in Australia. If you are interested to have an additional income it is a good chance for you! This part-time job will not take much time, probably near 4-6 hours a week. We need a representative in Australia who will carry out about our deals in these region, since we want to expand our service to this region. We have collided with some complexities and need an extra help there. This job is requires punctuality, good organizational skills. It can be a good prospect for you. Besides this we plan to open a new branch in this region, it allow us in a consequence to offer you a full-time job.
There are no restrictions on this vacancy, except for these requirements: you should be at least 21 years old, have basic knowledge of MS Office and e-mail, an ability to answer a phone call during a daytime, check your e-mail regularly, an ability to receive correspondence (PO Box is preferred). If you already have a permanent job this will not prevent you from being employed with us, if you can check e-mail and communicate with us during the working hours, you can work from your office.
This job is completely legal and protected by the contract. You will need to agree with all requirements and conditions of the contract. If all described will suit you and you want to apply for this position, please fill in the form below. The application will be reviewed by our staff and we will contact you.

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Home Address:
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In local format e.g. 0412 3456 789
New vacancy is available in Australia. If you are interested to have an additional income it's a good chance for you!
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